Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Isolation of Motherhood

Somedays I feel pretty alone in my journey of motherhood.  Day after day of taking care of your kids needs with little to no adult interaction can make you feel like there is no one who understands truly what you are experiencing.  Sometimes my day feels like it is on a repeating loop.  Kids though can always find a way to break through the monotony.  I always try to put myself out there in various meetup playgroups and other mommy and me activities so I can have some adult interaction.  It is always reassuring to know that other mommies are supporting and understanding what you are experiencing.  I think especially in the beginning with a newborn I feel the most isolated.  I am sure the lack of sleep and round the clock exhausting feeding, play a big role in that.  Not to mention that when you are a new mommy, even though I hate to admit the myth, but many of your relationships with your friends who are without kids will change.  I don't know why or how it happens but from my experience I have felt some distance from my childless friends after we had our kids.  I wish many of the friends that I have grown apart from would have wanted to be a part of my life with the children included as well.  I guess when you become a mom as well some of things that were important to you before gets rearranged and it can be hard to relate to.  As time goes on you adapt to a new normal and eventually find others who you have more in common with.  But nothing can replace those friendships from before because they were built on some things deeper than relating to being moms or some shared hobbies/activities.

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