Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Our Birthday Giveaway Winner

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Karla N.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Yuletide Ice Cube Fair Review

I was excited to read this book to my little ones the excitement is already building up for Christmas.  How could it not- every store not only has Halloween items out but Christmas items out as well.  My oldest has even started a bit of a countdown so items like this just intensify the anticipation.  Yuletide Ice Cube Fair is a Veggietales book from Zonderkidz and it is written by Karen Poth.  The book is labeled for children from 4-8 but if your kids love Veggietales and are a little younger or older it will be fine.  The book is a rhyming story which always keeps my kid's attention along with the colorful illustrations. In honor of the rhyming I will tell you about the book in rhymes.

The story starts out with a Christmas from the past
The Yuletide Ice Cube Fair everyone had a blast
Activites galore and fun was had by all
Everyone participated from the old to the small
Queens, food, and finally an ice block
A contest would begin a judge watching the clock
A question is posed What does Christmas mean to you?
You must show with the ice what you feel is true
Lessons are learned by each and every veggie
The story itself isn't preachy or heavy
My boys enjoyed the story and hopefully learned some too
If you like Veggietales your children will enjoy this story new

Maybe this wasn't the best rhyme
but thank you for taking the time
To learn more about this book
and I hope you take a look
At Amazon I found this book for $3.03
The link is http://www.amazon.com/Yuletide-Cube-Fair-Books-VeggieTales/dp/031074623X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1412029138&sr=8-2&keywords=yuletide+ice+cube+fair  you could put it under the tree

***The review was sponsored by Booklook Bloggers I received this book for free but the opinions are completely my own.

Magazine Subscription Giveaway

This giveaway is for 4 winners 1 subscription for each winner of a rafflecopter run giveaway for a years subscription to Redbook Magazine. This is a magazine geared towards women with articles that make your life simple, style, recipes, life advice or guidance, and money advice.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

***This a rafflecopter run giveaway.  Upon winning winners have 1 week to claim their prize.  All entries in the giveaway will be verified.  This giveaway is sponsored by Learning to Pee with the Door Open.  With an email confirming the address where the subscription will be sent.  I will submit the address to Redbook and it will arrive within 4 weeks for a years time.  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Society and the Lessons we teach our children

When my oldest was around 2 or 3 we were at Sea World and there was a little boy with yellow teeth in line with him.  My son being friendly said I like your teeth they are a great color of yellow.  Of course the boy who was older was embarrassed and kept his mouth closed for the remainder of the time he was in line. In the mind of a child he is only pointing out a difference and since he was little was taught to find differences. It is wild how our society is we are taught as young children certain lessons and then in contrast we aren't allowed to point it out/use it in our everyday life.  It can be extremely confusing and difficult to instill certain lessons with so much inconsistency.  Fortunately as they become older they understand why you only point out certain things.  Just an observation I had.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things today and when I was a kid

When I was a kid... I know we have heard this phrase from older people we know but as I am getting older myself here is a list of things that we never had when I was a kid.

1. Handheld Video Games- when I was a little girl Atari was just coming out.  So I grew up in the world of Pacman, Donkey Kong, and my personal favorite Pitfall.  Arcades were huge and were a major hangout. 

2.  Mobile Phones- when mobile phones first came out they were huge and only the wealthy had them.  Apps and internet on the phone wasn't even an option.  We had phones that were plugged into the wall with cords.

3. Computer Games- at school we had everyone's favorite game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and we got to make pictures on the computer with some lines of code in the computer.  Yes there was no internet.  There was even a television show based on the game.  It wasn't super common to own a computer.  It was the world of the obsolete floppy disk.

4.  Toys-  we didn't have talking toys maybe the toy you had made a noise while you were playing with it.  Then Teddy Ruxpin came out and he talked to you but other than we used our imagination.

5.  TV- It was not on demand we didn't have videos whatever came on tv is whatever you watched if you missed it you missed it....Unless they did a rerun.  There wasn't a huge amount of channels and no remote.  You had to walk to the tv and change the channel.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First ER Trip

Kids do some crazy things and when my oldest was 4 he did something that shocked and surprised me...he swallowed a penny.  I thought this surely wasn't something I would ever have to encounter especially since he was older and really wasn't oral.   So in we rushed to the ER for X-rays and consultation with hospital staff.  We were there for 4 hours while they decided that he was fine and we would just have to watch for it to come out to make sure he gets rid of it.  $800 later, one expensive penny, we were sent home.  Then the fun began,  every time he went poop we had to search for the penny.  Never in my life did I think I would be searching through poo with a fork.  3 days later and with the help of a metal detector we found it. I hope that you don't ever experience this situation first hand.  No coins for little ones, really take my advice.  It only takes a curious child a moment.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Whenever I read articles, blogs and books I like to know the person's background.  So if you are curious about the mom behind this blog, here are some answers to your burning questions:

Why did you start a blog?  
My kids are pretty crazy and take up a lot of my time.  I have always had an interest in writing and a lot of my friends find my mommy life pretty funny.  So it is a natural to want to blog about my stay at home mommy world

What were you like as a child? 
I was actually a pretty good child I never got into any serious trouble and for the most part followed rules.  As I became a teenager I was very interested in being different than everyone else.  I wanted to not fit in I was pretty strong in my convictions which doesn't always make a lot of friends.

What type of mom are you?  
According to the mommy quizzes going around a helicopter mom and the quizzes are right.  I am the hover mom and although I try not to I am the gasp mom ( when they fall or get hurt the immediate sound that comes out of me is a gasp).

What kind of mom do you wish you were?  
I wish I could relax a little but it is imprinted in my DNA.  It is deep and the struggle is real.  I worry about their safety a little more than your average mom.

What do you like to do in your spare time?  
What is that?  When I do have some spare time I work on the blog and occasionally some Mom's Night Outs.  If given the choice of going out or staying in I will stay in and go to sleep if at all possible.  Being a mommy is exhausting.

What is your advice for an overwhelmed mama?  Make sure your kiddos are happy and safe and leave the room for a few minutes to muster some calm.  If at all possible get a babysitter or trusted family member to watch the kids and get a night out asap.  You will feel recharged and be able to handle the next day a little better.

If you have any other questions drop me a line.  Thanks for following.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sheerluck Holmes and The Case of the Missing Friend

My boys and I got the opportunity to check out an I Can Read Book from ZonderKidz, Sheerluck Holmes and the Case of the Missing Friend by Karen Poth.  I am so happy that Veggietales books are available for early readers.  Both of my boys love the characters, colorful pictures and silly stories.  The book begins in London with Sheerluck Holmes and Bobby Watson who have to solve a mystery when a friend goes missing.  The story kept the attention of both my 6 and 2 year old and taught them a lesson in kindness.  If you are interested in having this book at home for your little ones you can get it at this linkhttp://www.amazon.com/Sheerluck-Holmes-Missing-Friend-VeggieTales/dp/0310741718

***This book was provided to us by Booklook Bloggers to review and no additional compensation was received.  All opinions are completely my own.

10 Wishes

1.  Stand up for what they believe in
2. Kind to others and that others are kind to them
3.  Success and fulfillment in whatever profession they decide to do
4.  To experience and give love to the fullest extent
5.  Happiness even though there will be sadness that the good will outweigh the bad
6.  To be positive and have a good attitude no matter what the circumstance
7.  To feel secure in who they are
8.  Appreciate the little things and are thankful for the people in their lives and things they have
9.  Honesty with others and themselves
10.  Never lose their sense of humor and curiosity about the world

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7 Things as A Mom that Makes Me Cringe

 7.  When my boy hears a bad word or witnesses something mortifying.

6.  When my son repeats said word or mortifying action in public

5.  When my child has a total breakdown temper tantrum in public 

4.  When my child is disrespectful in public or at home

3.  When I am cleaning/working in another room and I see my youngest's latest artwork on the walls in pen

2.  When my child falls and hurts himself

1.  Throw up enough said

Monday, September 15, 2014

Christmas Money

I know it is only September but Christmas is right around the corner.  I am always looking for additional ways to buy presents being a stay at home mom.  So I wanted to share with you some ways I make extra money not only for Christmas but throughout the year.

1.  Survey Sites-  This option can be a little tedious and frustrating especially when you don't qualify for a survey but if you stick with it, the money really starts to add up.  My favorites are
Opinion Outpost www.opinionoutpost.com
Vindale http://tryvindale.com/VHSg9iN6
American Consumer Opinions www.americanconsumeropinions.com
Your Word www.yourword.com

2.  Earning Site-  If you are going to be purchasing online why not make some money back for it.  My favorites are
topcashback http://www.topcashback.com/ref/theatergirl78
ebates http://www.ebates.com/rf.doreferrerid=7yyaoM%2FnKWXJMOlR%2BqSw%2Bw%3D%3D&eeid=26471
 For mobile
 jingit app for grocery shopping, buying, and watching videos
 ibotta app for grocery shopping for scanning and buying
shopkicks app that you can scan products, earn for walking in the door, and buying items with linked credit card

3. Opinion Sites- These you get free items to try for opinions and occasionally rewards.  I like
crowd tap www.crowdtap.com
bzzagent  www.bzzagent.com
smiley 360 www.smiley360.com
house party www.houseparty.com
green moms meet www.greenmomsmeet.com

4.  Reward Sites-  You complete tasks and earn points that can be used towards gift cards or rewards.  I like recycle bank www.recyclebank.com
pampers www.pampers.com
huggies www.huggies.com
thomas rewards www.thomasandfriendsrewards.com

Hope this list helps you to earn extra money for Christmastime.
***This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the links and websites listed on this post.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Honest Company

Honest Company is a line of baby and home products that is run by Jessica Alba.  They have diapers, bath wash, sunscreen, wipes, and many other products .  It is a monthly subscription company but a couple of months ago they started carrying the products in Target.  I was excited to try the products without signing up monthly.  So I happily went to Target and purchased a few of the products.  I got diapers, wipes, and sunscreen.  One of the big selling points of the line is how earth friendly they are which is wonderful.

I got a package of the boys diapers, they have a lot of really cute designs.  First of all I noticed the diapers are a lot thinner than the diapers I normally use.  That being said these are not to be put on your child overnight-they WILL leak a lot. You will need to change your child's diaper more frequently throughout the day.  Also, my 2 year old was able to take the diapers off with one hand and with ease while walking at stores and outside. Frustrating feature of these diapers.  Honestly, I was not impressed with these diapers.  

The wipes worked well and took care of little messes to larger ones and stood up to wiping (no falling apart).  These are also earth friendly.  Overall, I liked the wipes.

The sunscreen was very thick and extremely greasy along with an interesting smell.  It was very difficult after applying to the kids to get it off my fingers.  It worked well though and protected both of my boys in the sun. 

***This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Honest Company and I received no compensation for this review

Thursday, September 11, 2014

BP Driver Rewards

I fill up my car a lot with gas, running around for errands, school, and extracurriculars.  Wouldn't it be nice to benefit from all of these fillups?  BP has a program called Driver Rewards with some great rewards.  You have to first sign up to get the card at bpdriverrewards.com.  They are also offering a free amazon gift card $10 when you fill up 5 times at least 50 gallons overall in 50 days.  I have also gotten amounts off my gallons 2 times now  ( I am on fill up #3).  For my 1st fill up with the card I got .10 off per gallon.  Every little bit helps.  

***This post is not sponsored in anyway by BP and I received zero compensation for this post

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Berenstain Bears: Blessed are the Peacemakers

I have always loved Berenstain Bears and when I became a mom it was one of the series of books I was excited to my children's book collection.  I love that the stories are simple, relatable, and lesson teaching.  I got the opportunity to share a new Berenstain book with my boys from the Living Lights line of books.  Living Lights are Berenstain Bear books that help children learn how God wants them to live every day.  All of the newer books are written by Mike Berenstain and follow the same format that Jan and Stan followed when we were children.

The Berenstain Bears Blessed are the Peacemakers had all of the characters we recognize with a few new bears added in.  This book is definitely for at least a 5 year old and up.  This book talks a lot about things you might encounter in elementary school and how to handle things if the situation comes up.  I also loved that the book in the back cover had some activities and questions to have a discussion with your child about what you read.

"Most of the cubs at Bear Country School get along most of the time.  But when rivals are cast opposite of each other in the school play, Romeo and Grizzliet, Brother and Sister Bear have to decide if they should mind their business or get involved as peacemakers to save the performance."

You can purchase a copy of your own at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Berenstain-Blessed-Peacemakers-Living-Lights/dp/0310734819

***I received this book to review for free because I am a Book Look Blogger and I received no additional compensation for my review of this book.  This review is completely my own.

Birthday Giveaway

My little boy just turned 6 and I want to celebrate by having a giveaway.  My boy is an energetic, smart, and amazing guy who I am so thankful God gave to me.  To celebrate the day my life changed forever, we are giving away a $10 Gift Code for Amazon. Tell your friends.

<a Rafflecopter giveaway br />

  ****Must have a valid email address to enter.  Winner has 1 week to claim prize once name is picked randomly through Rafflecopter.  Winners actions will be verified.  This giveaway is not sponsored by Amazon

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spongebob Party

My oldest requested a Spongebob Party this year for his 6th birthday.  He made this decision the day after his 5th birthday party, my boy is a planner.  He also requested to have his party at one of his favorite places...mini golf.  Whenever I plan a party I start a few months before, with 2 kids it is hard to find free time so I like my oldest, am a planner.  Knowing my child is set on his birthday plans made the planning easier.  Throughout the year, much to my surprise I came upon a Spongebob table decor set on clearance so I took advantage.  Fortunately having the party away from home makes the planning much easier.  We even ordered a cake...which we never do.  I normally make the cake every birthday.

For the goodie bag, I found these cute Spongebob pails at Party City
I just put in some spongebob themed favors and candies

I also for the kids found these cups at Oriental Trading

The party went great and it was so much easier having the party somewhere other than my home.  The prep time was much less and the activities that were available kept everyone entertained.

These are the invitations I made for his party from another blog post

A Winner

Thank you everyone for your entries into our latest giveaway.  We have another giveaway coming up to celebrate my son's 6 birthday.

The randomly selected winner is


Please contact me at peeingwithdooroopenmommies@gmail.com.  You have 1 week to claim your prize.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kindergarten...A Whole New World

We are 3 weeks into the school year and things have been hectic.  My boy loves Kindergarten and always has interesting stories to share once he enters the car after school.  Normally the first report I get from him is he got red (the best color you can get) and who didn't get red (Kindergarten gossip).  Then he proceeds to tell me about his rest of the day.  Amazingly he has already had homework!!!!  They are really pushing the common core, it is definitely a new way of learning...I am trying to keep an open mind.  It is so odd for the time he is away at school.  I am so used to the noises and the chatter that it is a little disorienting.  So happy though he is getting the socialization and learning.  I have entered the world of PTA and making sure my boy completes his homework properly and on time.  We are definitely in a different season in life.  How is your little one doing in school this new year?