Friday, October 31, 2014

November Amazon Gift Code Giveaway

Here is November's installation of our monthly giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Code.  Christmas is fast approaching and a $10 amount from Amazon can improve your gift giving budget.

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Happy Halloween

Hope you have a great Halloween and have lots of fun trick or treating.  Would love to put up a post with some of the cute costumes that your little ones wear for the holiday.  Send photos to

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I am sure you have heard the statement- Live your life without regrets.  As I look back on my life I do have regrets...bad boyfriend choices, not being fearless enough, words unspoken or spoken and would like to take it back. My life is a mishmesh of mistakes and event triumphs that as a young girl I never dreamed was possible.  Which brings me to another statement- if only I knew what I know now ...

As I mentioned my life's road has never been a smooth one; there has been many twists and turns as well as some speedbumps but honestly and without hesitation I would live my life the same way as long as I could end up where I am now -In a loving family with 2 amazing boys and a wonderful man in my life.  I'm not sure that any other deviation would get me where I am today.  So even with the struggles and there have been many, I try to look at my life as is and be thankful in the current and not dwell in the should of, could of, would of.

Hope you can live a full life and not be held down with regret.  

Monday, October 27, 2014

October Amazon Gift Code Winner

We have a winner randomly chosen by Rafflecopter.  Thank you everyone for entering and we hope you enjoy the blog.  We have another Amazon Code Giveaway coming in November.  We also have the following giveaways that are active on our blog.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Christmas Giveaway Pack #1

I am so excited to be able to start a series of giveaways leading into December.  Our first giveaway is for little ones 12-36 months.  This is for a Vtech Baby's Light Up Laptop and a Mega Bloks First Builders characters.

 Vtech Baby's Light Up Laptop that has 100 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.  It teaches letters, numbers, spanish, imitative play, and shapes.  Ages 12-36 months.  This toy is valued at $17.99.

Mega Bloks First Builders Characters are block builder buddies perfect for little hands.  Ages 1-5  This toy is valued at $12.25.

This pack is valued at $30.24

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Son's Horrifying/Funny Lunch Mixup

Everyday before school since the 1st day I make it a point to let my son know whether he is buying or bringing his lunch.  He can be a little scatterbrained without direction so I try to make it as simple as possible.  This past week I made my son a lunch for school, I made some Kidfresh chicken nuggets, tomatoes, and an apple juice.  One of my main questions after picking him up from school is did you eat your lunch?  He said yes and that was the end of it.  The next day, I let him know he would be buying his lunch that day.  When he walked into the car after school he was carrying a lunch box.  In passing I said oh you left your lunch box at school?  Drove home and brought the lunch box inside.  I picked up the lunch box and it felt heavy which surprised me.  I opened it up to find his lunch from 2 days before in there-Minus the drink.  I questioned him about it and after some confusing explanations where I thought one of the days he didn't eat lunch at all,  I finally got the full story.  He purchased lunch the day before because he forgot his lunch in the car.  The 2nd day he thought the lunch in the car was his lunch so he took it in for lunch.  At lunchtime he tried to eat the lunch that was 2 days old...ewww!!!!  He told me he had some tomatoes and the juice but the chicken smelled like farts so he didn't eat it.  Thank God.  I clearly was not paying attention to his lunch for these 2 days. So now the line of questioning in the afternoon is tell me everything you ate for lunch.  I also make sure we take in the lunch bag everyday he brings it in.  Lesson learned by mom and son.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Legend of St Nicholas

Through the hustle and bustle of the holiday months, which are upon us, it is difficult to have our kids understand to think of others.  Our society and human nature has an overwhelming me attitude.  That is why I really liked The Legend of St. Nicholas by Dandi Daley Mackall.  A boy named Nick wasn't eager to go shopping for his brothers.  His main concern was making sure he could get exactly what he wanted.  When beginning his shopping he hears the store Santa telling children the Legend of St Nicholas and it changes his outlook on others during the holiday.  I think especially this time of year we could all use reminders to remember to think of others.

This book is full of colorful illustrations and an engaging story.

***I received this book for free from Booklook Bloggers Network.  Even though the book was free the opinions are completely my own.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Spider Pops

This craft was fun for my 6 year old to make.

Items Needed
Small googly eyes
4 black pipe cleaners
Wire cutters or scissors

1). Take your 2 pipe cleaners and cut them in half making 4 equal pieces

2). Line up your 4 pipe cleaners and put your lollipop in the middle or close to 

3).  Next wrap one side of the pipe cleaners around the lollipop
4). Wrap the pipe cleaners all the way around the lollipop to hold it in place

5).  Arrange each side into spider legs

6).  Then using your goggly eyes and glue.  Place the eyes in the middle of the spider.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Moms I would like to Punch in the Throat

1)  Bragging Moms-  Don't get me wrong a little bragging is great.  It is good to be proud of your kid, I get it, but constantly bragging 24-7 is too much.

2)  Comparing Moms- I can't tell you how many times I have encountered this mom.  Oh your boy still isn't (insert milestone) my little one did that when they were some absurd timeline.  I understand there are some advanced kids but it is one thing to have a child who meets milestones early, it is totally another when you make other moms feel bad that their child isn't where said Mom thinks they should be.

3) Perfect Moms-  Everything is perfect nothing is wrong.  My child never does anything wrong and never has a the way neither do I.  I know there are some extremely well behaved kiddos in the world but to portray your life as problem free is unrealistic.  It is okay for things to not be perfect that is what makes us human.  Plus it is super hard to relate to someone like that.

4)  You get to stay at home you have it so easy Moms-  I know it sounds great to be able to stay at home with the kids and it is.  I am so happy to be able to stay at home with my boys.  But it is not easy to be at home with your kids all day.  Every tantrum, every disagreement, and every stubbornness, you alone handle- it can be wearing.  Plus you have to run the household and do all the errands that need to be done in your normal everyday life.  I have even had a friend say, "You have it so easy.  You must sit around and eat bon bons all day.  I'm sorry I would feel really stupid staying at home all day.  I think after awhile you start to lose your intelligence."  (Yes someone really said this to me)  Do I feel like I yearn for adult conversations sometimes?  Yes.  Do I feel like I am getting more stupid everyday I am home with my kids?  No.

My value isn't defined by who I interact with or what other moms think of me.  But by what my kids think of me.  And lucky me (bragging) They think I am the greatest and seeing myself through their eyes no one else's opinion really matters.  I try to have it all together (but Thankfully)  I am not so delusional to realize that sometimes I don't.  Now, do I really want to Punch these moms in the throat?  Sometimes, but overall I try to just tune out the noise of other moms and try to be the best mom I can be.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Robertson Family Christmas

I recently got the opportunity to read a book from Tyndale House Publishers, A Robertson Family Christmas by Miss. Kay Robertson.  Yes that Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame. The book is considered a novella but a lot of the traditions and situations actually occur in their Christmas season celebrations .  The story begins with a contest for a child to win a chance to stay at the Robertson's for Christmas.  A winner is chosen and his name is Hunter.  Hunter without his knowledge is entered in the contest by his mother.  Hunter is a depressed, hopeless, and doubting of his self worth teenager.  He arrives in Louisana unengaged and not wanting to be there .  The Robertson family includes him in the family's Christmas celebrations hoping to make a difference in his life.

The book has humor, heart, and hope.  It was an easy and engaging read.  It was interesting to read more about the Robertson's family.   I know this family and their show is very popular so it is interesting to read how they celebrate the holidays.

Now it is your chance to read this Christmas Story, Tyndale Publishers gave me an additional book to giveaway to my Learning to Pee followers.  
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***I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers Company for free as well as the free book they provided to giveaway.  Although I received the book for free the opinions and review is completely my own.  Winner has 1 week to claim their prize and must email upon winning.  This giveaway is only open to US residents.  Winner's entries will be verified.  Only one entry for each entrant per section.

Monday, October 13, 2014

6 Winners for a Year subscription to Redbook Magazine

As a special surprise we have instead of 4 winners I have chosen 6 winners Our 6 lucky winners are...

Melinda S
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Carla D

Please contact me at 
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Winners have one week to claim their prize.

We currently have a giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Code as well so enter at this link for a chance to win.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Braun Forehead Thermometer

It has been quite the week at my house.  A disgusting illness made it's way into my two year old.  A flemy cough, fever, runny nose, and general sick from head to toe.  He has been pretty miserable but we are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  My boy is what I call a wiggle worm, in fact both of my boys are.  So taking their temperature is challenging.  I got this thermometer just in time.  It is a Forehead Thermometer from Braun and it has been a life saver.  All you do is put the thermometer at forehead level go forward and in, I kid you not, 3 seconds I had his temperature.  Now if only I had a medicine that acted and went down as quickly hopefully that is coming in the future.  I highly recommend if you want to make your life easier with sickness and fevers in your house that you pick one up.

***This product was provided to me for free from Influencer although the product was provided for free all opinions are entirely my own.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Frankenstein Feet

Items you will need for this Halloween project:
Green washable Tempera Paint
Black washable Tempera Paint
(1) white card stock for each child
Wet wipes or baby wipes

1)  I used a paintbrush and painted the lower half of the foot green and the toes black

2)  Then I had my boy place his foot on the paper and I held it down to make sure it made the best print.  I had to use my paintbrush to fill in some areas.  This part was very ticklish so beware laughter may ensue.  

3)  Then I left the paper to dry.

4)  When it is dry using your paintbrush and black paint make 2 circles on either side of the top for the ears, eyes, mouth, and scar.

5)  Then cut it out.  Don't worry about mistakes you can just cut the imperfections around it.

Here is my 6 and 2 year olds feet

Hope you enjoy making this fun and easy craft with your little ones for Halloween.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Picture Day

In honor of my son's Kindergarten picture day,  I thought I could share some of my cute, awkward, and embarrassing school photos throughout the years

4 years old
7 years old and who back then didn't have a photo with a profile of yourself in the background?
9 years old

My most awkward school picture at 14 years old.  I was up all night the night before because I was draining a pot of broccoli and the hot water poured out on my hand so I had blisters and a lot of pain. I had the great idea that I was going to take my picture without my glasses.  Oh I forgot to mention since I hurt my hand my mom did my hair.

If you have a funny or awkward school photo share.  Don't leave me out here awkward all alone.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

October's Amazon $10 Giveaway

Here is another chance to win a Amazon Gift Card Code.  It is so awesome to see all the excitement from all of you so we want to give you more opportunities to win.  Thanks for being a follower and we hope you enjoy the giveaways we have.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Orange at School

My boy has adjusted fairly well to Kindergarten.  He loves to go everyday (hopefully that lasts forever).  At his school for behavior they have a rainbow of behavior.  The best color is red and purple is the worst.  The order is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It was a little confusing for him at first because at preschool red was the worst.  Throughout the day depending on the child's behavior the child is moved either up or down throughout intervals in the day.  At the beginning of the day everyone starts out at purple and they work their way up.  Great concept.  Everyday I get a report if anyone got a really bad color and what color he received during our drive home.  Well last week at car pickup, Aiden walked towards our car with his hands over his eyes.  I know my boy well and I knew he was upset. Still with his hands over his eyes I asked if he was upset and he said I don't want to tell you.  He buckled his seat belt and I drove toward home.  Then hesitantly he told me that he got orange and started to cry devastated.  He told me he got orange because toward playtime someone took his train track and he threw a piece of train track at him.  Now my boy does have a bit of a temper but it isn't normal for him to act out like this.  We talked about his reaction and with a promise to never do it again he calmed down a bit.  We had Pandora on in the car on the Sesame Street station and there is a song on there called Everyone makes mistakes.  I think Big Bird sings it.  He then said, "Mommy, I am so glad this song came on.  I really needed to hear it.  It reminded me that everyone makes mistakes right?"  Yes they do, Yes they do.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Kid's Top Trader Joe's Picks

A Trader Joe's has recently opened up in our area and we love it! This is one store that my kids actually like going to, in fact they ask to go there all the time! They love the small kids shopping carts, free samples and juice, and of course the lollipops given to them by the employees. I love how the store goes out of their way to make kids happy and in return mom is happy! I also love their great prices on organic foods and a wide variety of yummy food without all the yucky preservatives. Over the years shopping there, both in California and now here in Orlando, my family has definitely found some favorites that are now household staples. These are some of our favorites that I definitely recommend trying!

1. Trader Joe's French Toast

Morning times are very quick now with school back. These are great and very tasty, even my non-breakfast loving daughter loves these! Just pop in the microwave for a minute and voila! 

2. Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies

My kids love these, and I love that they don't have any artificial coloring or flavors! Plus they make snack time educational, and my 5 year old loves spelling words with these before gobbling them up! 

3. Joe's Diner Mac and Cheese 

I'm really not a fan of already prepared frozen food, usually because it contains lots of preservatives and just doesn't taste great. But this Mac and cheese is delicious. I love it because it tastes like a "fancier" Mac and cheese yet my kids devour it. My son loves me to make this in a morning and pack it in a thermos for his school lunch! 

4. Trader Ming's Soyaki Sauce

My kids are pretty picky eaters and dinner time can get very boring sometimes. This sauce is an awesome marinade that both my husband and I AND the kids love, win! We usually cut up chicken thighs and then marinade them with the sauce for a day and then pan fry and it is delicious. The sauce also works great with veggies. 

5. Trader Joe's Organic Popping Corn

We love popcorn here and it is a staple to our weekly movie night. This popcorn does pop up nicely and you can flavor it with whatever you wish, we usually like to melt a little butter to put in. The bag is pretty inexpensive and lasts a while, making it a great value! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Progress Report

It is that time of year where you learn how your child is doing at school.  I received my boy's report and everything is S-Satifactory, N-For Need Work,  and U-Unsatisfactory.  Academically he had S which I was very happy to see.  I have been a bit worried about the transition to Kindergarten but thankfully he is doing great.  Then I got to the Behavior section and there were 2 N-For Need Work
The first was following classroom rules and the other was taking responsibility for his actions.  I was a little surprised by the learning to follow classroom rules almost everyday he gets red (the best color). But I was not surprised at the not taking responsibility for his actions.  My boy is famous for blaming someone else if something doesn't go right or he has an issue.  He is getting better though.  Hopefully we can get rid of that habit.  Do you have a child who has an occasional issues for blaming others when he has something go wrong?  I definitely want to break the habit because I definitely don't want him as he is older blaming everyone else for his problems.  Part of growing up is taking responsibility for your actions.  Fingers crossed that this is just a phase.