Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kids Run Wine & Food Race Weekend

My kids love to participate in races.  Perhaps it is the chance that they could be the first to cross the finish line or the medal at the end with the cheering and accomplishment.  Disney Run puts on many kids races throughout the year.  They are well organized and one of the few events that I feel that my kids are secure while racing and after when they are released to parents.

I went in advance to Wide World of Sports to pick up racing packets, bib, and shirt.  I always go in advance just in case they are too packed the morning of and we run out of time.  You just have to print out a wavier for each race your child is participating in and turn them in the main room.  Super easy process.  The biggest chore is walking from your car and back.  The race was on a Saturday and the first race didn't start till 11am which is a nice change from most kids races that start at the crack of dawn.  There are always activities and music to keep the kids busy until it is time to race.  For the smaller races 100, 200, and 400 they race in heats.  For the Mickey Mile which my 8 year old participated in for the first time this year everyone goes at once.  At the beginning of the race a child fell and 5 others fell with them.  All of the parents let out a collective gasp, thankfully no one was seriously hurt in the process.  The mile expands a lot of area and I with a 4 year old and wearing my 1 year old had a difficult getting to the end in time.  My 8 year old was hysterical by the time we arrived thinking I gave up looking for him.  The thought process of a child like I would give up.  The kids were overjoyed with their accomplishments and especially getting their medal.  The worst part was the exhausting walk back to our
My 4 year old after completing the 200M
 We all got exercise that day.  If you have the opportunity to participate with your kids for one of the races you should try it at least once.
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