Monday, April 4, 2016

Brevard Zoo

We had the chance over Spring Break to check out the Brevard Zoo.  It was my first time at the zoo and most of my kids as well.  Upon entering the zoo, there was a hands on crafting station for the kids to make a plaster mold.  I am not sure if this is a normal occurrence at the zoo but the kids really enjoyed it.  My 3 year old made a turtle and my 7 year old made an animal track.  They were ready to pick up a hour later.  To the left on the entrance,  there was an interactive animal area which they rotated different types of animals.  We followed the path into the Africa area which had so many different kinds of animals.  Including a giraffe that you can feed.  My boys were not into interacting with any of the animals so I was the elected member to feed the giraffe.  I have never fed a giraffe before and it was actually a pretty cool experience.  After the Africa area they have kayaking available I thought that was really unique.  I have never been to a zoo that you could kayak in.  The next area was Australia which had tons of animals including the bird area that you could feed the birds as well.
We enjoyed the train ride which was the next area in the zoo.  It was a short 5 minute ride but the kids had a good time on it.  For lunch we ate at the Flamingo cafe and I was pretty pleasantly surprised with the food.  I got a veggie burger at the cafe and it says a lot to me on the quality of food at a restaurant that does veggie burgers and it was actually really good.  The next area is Wild Florida which we skipped in favor of heading to the kids area.  The kids area has a play area, water area (bring your swimsuit), and a petting zoo.
The kids had a great time in the water.  While we were there they had to evacuate the area when a snake was found in the bushes.  The kids were freaking out.  But they promptly removed it from the area and the kids were back to playing.

We had a great time at the Brevard Zoo, I think it is the best zoo in the Central Florida area.  If you have the opportunity to check it out it is worth the trip.

***This post is not sponsored or affiliated with Brevard Zoo.  No compensation was received in exchange for this post.  All opinions are completely my own.  

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