Sunday, January 8, 2017

SeaWorld Preschool Pass

If you have a child aged 3-5, SeaWorld has a Preschool Pass available.  It lets you bring in this child or children for free for the entire year.  To get the pass just register online at this link and print out the pass.  Once you get to SeaWorld you just have to go to the ticket window with proof of child's age (Birth Certificate) and you can get your pass.  Your child also gets free admission to Busch Gardens too.  This is a great deal and we had it last year as well.  I know this program has been really successful for them because they have been doing this for several years now.

If you are new to SeaWorld or wondering if your child will enjoy the park, kids love the park.  They have a children's area called Shamu Harbor that has tons of rides and activities for children to enjoy.  Plus there are plenty of animal interactions and shows for your kiddo to enjoy.  We have a great time when we go.  

***This post is not sponsored or affiliated with SeaWorld.  No compensation was exchanged for this review.  The opinions expressed are completely my own.  

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