Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Like Mother Like Son

When I was a little girl, you could often find me with my tape recorder (my decades cd player) "performing" into it.  I would sing songs, some I knew and many that I made up, read books, and just talk and talk and talk.  I even have a cassette with a recording of my 6 year old exuberance.  It has such hits as Daddy Dada which I thought was the best song ever written.  I'll give you a little sample:  Daddy Dada Rockin it all night Mama Mama keeping it up right Daddy Dada Mama Mama Mama Daddy Dada Mama Mama Mama Ohhhhhhh..... Platinum worthy recording of course.  

Last night my oldest who is 6 on a trip to Chick Fila decided he was going to perform the entire trip to Chick Fila and he made up some hilarious songs about 10 in all.  My boy loves to sing just like mom.  There was even a little diddy about Chick Fila, his love for it and why are they closed on Sundays cause he wants to go that day too :)

Sometimes his personality and the things I do surprise me.  He is really is my mini me.  Isn't it amazing how the personality just forms and every child is so different?  My 2 year old is so much different more like my husband.  Do you have a little mini me at home?

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