Thursday, September 22, 2016

Am I Making A Difference?

As moms we worry about a lot of things.  Are our kids eating enough?  Learning quickly enough?  Keeping up with other kids? (that's a big one).  The questions can be endless.  The second guessing we as parents put ourselves through can be pretty torturous.   After all none of us are expert parents and learning kind of as we go.

In the parenting game, I often wonder if I am making a difference in my child's life with my lessons in moral character and attitudes.  I constantly feel as if I am trying to instill things in them but are they really getting it or are they listening to me at all sometimes.  Then when you feel like your child never listens to you they go and surprise you with something that floors you with their maturity and insight.  Then you think, maybe I am not doing so bad after all at this parenting thing.

What are some ways your child have showed you in an unexpected way that they are listening to you?

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