Sunday, September 4, 2016

Update of My Life with 3 Kids

Our family dynamic has been pretty hectic lately.  We are less than a month into the school year and I feel, maybe naively, that we have some semblance of a schedule in place.  Fortunately, the wake ups have gotten easier and less painful to endure.  Homework, although it is not looked forward to, is greeted with a more positive attitude than in past.  Inwardly though I am probably the one most in need of an attitude improvement.  Juggling an 8 year old with at least an hour of homework requirements and keeping him focused is challenging.  My 4 year old who is a preschooler has been receiving homework as well so getting him into a positive groove is definitely a priority.  My school days are pretty hectic with drop-offs and pick ups.  My 10 month old has been going with the flow thankfully not that she has any choice in the matter.  Finding the time to take care of everyones needs exactly when the have them is my biggest challenge.

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