Wednesday, September 14, 2016


With the start of the new school year comes the new year of activities available to your child.  My boy has been in Karate for a few years and really enjoys it.  He also started Cub Scouts last year and even though he was the only kid in his group and grade he stuck it out.  Fortunately this year there are a lot more kids in his group to experience it with.   Surprisingly, my non sports boy decided last year that he wanted to take up soccer.  I told him we had to wait for the new season to start to sign up and I also wanted to give him time to change his mind if it was a fleeting request.  When the new season was about to begin he asked again about soccer so we signed him up.  Now my 8 year old has Karate, Cub Scouts, and Soccer to attend and I am feeling very busy and quite possibly a little overwhelmed. When I add all this activities to all the things I am participating in, it is a extremely packed schedule.  It makes me think how am I going to integrate my 4 year old's interests into our schedule as well?  Hopefully they will have some of the same interests.  At least I won't be hearing the dreaded "I'm Bored" anytime soon.

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