Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day Out with Thomas

I will start by saying it was a HOT day.  As we were going into the event I saw several little ones leaving with a full red face and looking exhausted.  This event is definitely a rite of passage if you have a little fan of Thomas the train.  When you book your experience you are mainly picking a time to ride Thomas' coaches.  Everything else at the event can be done at your own pace.  There were countless fair style food stands with almost everything fair related you could ask for.  There was a story time area, imagination area (play area), meet with Sir Topham Hatt, and Gift Shop.  There was also a mini train to ride and countless activities to do. The Thomas ride itself was just about 20 minutes and it was actually a good amount of time especially for my 2 year old who was ready to get off at that point.  The trickiest part of the day was seeing Thomas and taking a photo with him.  They had an area set up with photographers that in between rides you could take a photo.  The only downfall with this is when Thomas has to leave the photos are over.  Lots of upset and crying kids.  We had to catch him after his last run of the day.  Overall it was a great experience for my boys and it is something that your train lover will never forget.

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  1. This looks like so much fun. My nephews love Thomas.