Friday, July 24, 2015


I really thought by this point in the pregnancy I would have a lot more energy.  I am still waiting for that illusive nesting energy to kick in.  The Orlando summer heat doesn't help the situation either.  Going outside makes me tired just getting the boys in the car.  Exercise this pregnancy besides an occasional walk has been pretty non existent as well.  I feel like I am hot everywhere I go.  Church the past couple of weeks has been super hot as well and I know the air is on but it makes me question if it is really turned on.  My little girl is very active and she likes to kick especially at night time.  So the initial falling asleep can be quite challenging.  With my first pregnancy I had naps in great supply.  My second pregnancy I would nap every once in awhile.  This pregnancy naps are just not possible because especially my 2 year old want to come over to me if he sees me asleep no matter what is going on or how busy he is.  Don't worry I am fully aware that it isn't going to get any better with a newborn.  How do you handle a lack luster day when you have no energy?

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  1. I hate those days! I just try to get some rest if possible and think about just making it thru the day! Good luck!