Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I Need Shoppers Anonymous

Since finding out that I am having a girl I have been actively shopping for all the cute girl clothes available.  It is amazing how many options and adorable outfits there are for girls. I have been really liking Persnickety and Matilda Jane.  These are both pretty pricey brands but I want to share with you guys some great ways to get some sweet girls clothing at a discount.  I have been frequenting the BST pages for each of the brands I like on Facebook.  As long as you are patient you will see some really great deals.  It does amaze me how much some of these sellers are asking for used clothing.  I also had some luck with consignment sites like threadup and moxie jean.  I am going to try to slow down on the shopping now though.  Otherwise I think I might need an intervention.  It is so much different shopping for little girls than my 2 boys and I think that adds to some of my impulsive shopping.  Boys clothes are pretty cut and dry Shirt, shorts, pants, and shoes.  I think it has finally set in that I am expecting a little girl.  I was so fully expecting a boy this time as well I didn't let myself think of having a girl so it took a couple of weeks for it to set in.  Do you have some favorite places to shop for your little one?  Do you find yourself getting a little carried away by shopping?

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