Wednesday, July 29, 2015

That disgusting glucola

I am currently taking the one hour glucose test and just had to drink that disgusting glucola Orange concoction.  You would think in all the years of doing this test they would have come up with something more enjoyable to drink.  I read that it is equal to a package and a half of Oreo cookies-sugar content.  I'll take that option please.  My little girl though is kicking like crazy.  I have been craving sweets with this pregnancy so she is happy as a clam.  For anyone who knows me it is well known knowledge that I am not a sweets person.  I drink water only and never eat sweets.  I am more of a salty food lover.  That is why I am doubtful of the accuracy of a test like this.  Of course my body is going to have a challenging time processing sugar when it never gets it.  I also don't eat red meat and you better believe if I eat it I will have difficulty processing it as well.  The logic is flawed.  Hopefully this will be the last I will have to think of this test and I have very positive results.  I'll let you know.

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