Sunday, December 13, 2015

My 2 Picky Boys: The Saga Continues

I swear I have the pickiest boys.  It is really a challenge to get my 3 year old to eat and he is not consistent in his food choices so I never know what he is in the mood to eat.  The second I think we've figured out a new food, he decides he doesn't like it anymore.  It is really frustrating but yogurt has always been an option for him.  My oldest is a great eater but he is very picky about what food it is and the consistency.  If he thinks something looks messy it is no good. He has a very sophisticated palate.  I don't think we helped any with our high brow restaurant food choices.  Lunch is really difficult he expects a 5 star perfect temperature meal in his lunch box.   My youngest who is 3 I have a hard time convincing him to eat meat of any kind.  He really has to be in the mood to eat meat.  Like I said high maintenance picky kids.  I have hopes that my little girl isn't such a picky eater- 3rd times a charm right?

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