Monday, December 7, 2015

Things to Keep Younger Child Busy on School Days

Having one child in elementary school and a little preschooler at home it has been a different experience.  I love that I have special time with my 3 year old and his personality is really coming out lately.  I know he misses his big brother like crazy while he is at school.  When we go to pick him up he is so excited to see him and always has a toy that he brings to give to him at pick up line if he doesn't fall asleep first.  We have been trying to keep activities going for my youngest to take part in with a playgroup but with this pregnancy it has become increasingly harder to do too much activity.  To tell the honest truth I would be happy to just sit around and hang out but he needs the stimulation so I make the effort.

Splash Pads
Indoor Playareas
Art Project
Cooking with mom
I also belong to a playgroup which can help break the monotony of day to day. Plus it is a big positive for me to have that adult conversation as well.

Update with 3:

I am lucky if I can get basic needs taken care of yet alone keeping my 3 year old entertained.  Needless to say, we have been enjoying lots more tv than we normally would.  A lot of my day is deciding whose needs are more pressing.  I am going to ease my way back into playdates now.  (6 weeks) So we will see how that goes.  Fortunately, it will be just 2 kiddos with my oldest in school.

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