Friday, December 11, 2015

My Ode To The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf, the thorn in my side
Over and over I've asked myself why
With a newborn baby my mind forgets
Where exactly should the Elf sit
I'm running out of ideas I am running out of time
He has to be moved before sunrise
Otherwise the next morning I will only hear
Why is the Elf still sitting here?
Then I must think of a sorry excuse
To why he stayed right where he was
I feel really bad that I wasn't quick enough
To find that darn Elf a new hiding spot
Out of my mouth comes he really likes it there
I really feel like I just don't care
My story fools my child or so I think
Then the questions come pouring in
Did he make it to the north pole?
I hope no one touched him
Did he tell him I was good?
Did he tell him I love him?
Everything is fine I have to explain
Santa knows you were good
(How many days is it now till I have to keep hiding this annoying elf now?)
Then after all questions are answered we go about our day
Until it is bedtime and we are all tucked away
My newborn wakes up mid evening for a feeding
Then it pops into my head that elf wasn't moved
I can't forget again I can't take all the questions
So I rush down with baby mid feeding to hide our elf
So I can go back to sleep if I don't it will nag me all night
Can't wait till I can put the elf away for the year
But I will be in this position at Christmas time again next year
I started what seemed like a fun Christmas tradition
Now I know not to make any more additions
The Pinterest ideas all seem quite clever
Who has the time to do this stuff better
Whole scenes put together
Complete with a laugh
I like to be creative but I don't have the time to craft
It will just have to be good enough that I remembered him at all
And put him in a position that he doesn't fall
Or easily touched by my 3 year old boy
So the magic doesn't fade and my boys get a toy

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