Monday, March 14, 2016

Day Out with Thomas

My boys have always been big Thomas fans.  In fact my 3 year old has until recently been obsessed with Thomas and Friends.  For the third and final year (I'll explain this statement) we attended the Florida Railroad Museum in Parish, Florida to take a ride on Thomas.  This year on the Ready, Set, Go tour some locations have Percy to ride as well.  The Florida Railroad Museum only had Thomas.

When you arrive at the event parking is challenging; my advice is to wait for the people who run the parking to guide you to a space.  On the way in there are lots of cars lining the side of the road but be patient and you will get a guided space with help to navigate the traffic.  There are police officers to guide the traffic so it really is safer.  Now there are a lot of Thomas fans so be prepared for a crowd at this event.
Upon entering the event you are given a map for each child.  This year you needed to collect 4 stamps at various locations throughout the event.  When you complete the requirements for your map you turn it in for a little Thomas surprise (this year it was a Thomas clapper).  The event is full of lots of fun themed activities.  There is a storybook/storytime area that is covered with seating which is good for a break.  There is also a huge covered tented area called Imagination station which is full of Thomas toys, coloring, and activities.  This is the most popular area and they have trains for the kids to play with.  I have learned to bring my own trains to play with because like most children sharing isn't abundant and that way I normally  avoid the average meltdown.  There is a meet and greet with Sir Topham Hatt which is a stamped activity.  The 4th and final stamp is at the gift shop.  Be prepared to wait in a really long line for any purchases.  Last year I waited an hour in line to purchase t-shirts.  This year we bypassed this not without my boys disappointment.  Also at the event there is a mini train ride for little ones.  There are also bounce houses and fair food galore.

You have a ticket to ride Thomas which has the time of your ride.  Standing in line to ride Thomas was excruciating for me.  We are in an uncovered line awaiting our turn to get on the train and it is HOT the sun is beating down on you.  I had my little 4 1/2 month old which I was holding and trying to shade from the sun.  Both of my boys were whining and complaining as well as everyone else in line for the ride.  Once you get on the train there are fans and wind from the movement of the train.  When the train is in-between rides you can line up to get a picture with Thomas there is a photographer on hand and they can take your photo which you can purchase or you can take your own photo for free.  They also will take your photo on the train as well.

My reason that this is going to be our last year.  The event every year we have attended is super hot.  If you are curious as to how hot look at the people leaving and the children.  Meltdown city and bright red cheeks.  My boy who was crazy about Thomas wasn't as into the train ride this year.  He has recently taken an interest in Dinosaurs.  We have a train station closer to my home that does train rides so I think we will just stick to that from now on.  But if you have a big Thomas fan it is worth it.

***This review is not sponsored or affiliated with Day out with Thomas or the Florida Railroad Museum.  The opinions and review is completely my own and no compensation was received in exchange for this review.

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