Monday, March 28, 2016


One of our adventures this Spring Break was to Legoland Florida.  Before this we have only been to Legoland once before when I had one child and he was 3.  The experience I had over Spring Break and when my son was 3 was totally different.  For one, the park was super crowded to be expected for Spring Break.  To even enter the parking area there was a huge line which took quite some time to get through.  Once we parked we had our 1st injury of the day when walking towards the front gate.  My boys of course were clowning around while we were walking and they were hugging and both went down on the concrete.  They both skinned their knees with my youngest boy taking the brunt of the injury.  Crying of course ensued and did I mention this was a Florida cold morning in the 50s?  Running noses for everyone and I know this weather is nothing for the snowbirds but for Floridians it was cold.  We were meeting some family members at the park so we were victims of the massive parking line.  Which wait time had increased to an hour or more.  So both of my inpatient boys were having a hard time waiting.

We opted to buy the Awesomer pass which is $149 that includes admission, parking, some Orlando attractions (Orlando eye, Madame Tussauds, and Sea life Aquarium), and some other benefits.  There is a $99 annual pass but it doesn't include parking.

When we got the park it was pretty obvious that is was packed.  I even overheard an employee say they were over capacity for the day.  The lines were an average of at least an hour wait many times more than that.  We were able to do about 5 rides.  Definitely looking forward to returning on a less busy day.

One of the many great things about Legoland is the range of rides and activities for all ages.  The sheer amount of rides in the park is pretty impressive.  There are tons of play areas throughout the park which really salvaged the day for the kids.  There are shows, cypress gardens, and mini land ( built lego replicas of cities and attractions). There is also a water park but it was closed this day because of the colder weather.
Before I mentioned 1st injury the 2nd injury my cousin was getting into the boats with my boys in the boat and she fell in the boat and broke her arm.  I feel horrible because she was taking care of the kids when it happened.
***This post is not sponsored or affiliated with Legoland.  The opinions of my experience are completely my own.  no compensation was received in exchange for this review

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