Monday, June 20, 2016

Another School Year Over

How quickly and surprisingly fast the school year flew by.  Seeing all of the comparison photos of 1st to last day of school was mind blowing.  Our kids over the course of a year grew far too quickly. Now summer is upon us and the task of keeping these kids who were immersed in the activities of school busy and content for the roughly 2 1/2 months of summer vacation. This alone is a overwhelming challenge for me with 3.  To get everyone out of the house despite the steamy Florida summer heat and the task of fun is facing me now.  My 7 year old would protest that most things I could possibly come up with are nowhere near as fun as Minecraft and Mario.  My 3 year old fortunately adores his big brother and will happily follow him anywhere.  My little 7 month old really unfortunately must go along with our summer activities whether she wants to or not.

But the heat, oh the heat.  To motivate myself to get all my kids ready and out the door and God forbid outdoors is challenging.  The whole progress of getting out is hard.  Get the kids to the car then the whining and crying at the heat in the car.  Then to sit down on our scalding hot leather seat in the car is painful.  Fortunately, I am the only one who has to do this since all the kids have car seats.  Then the time it takes for the car to cool off with the help of Thank God a/c.  Then finding the energy to get out of the car to whatever activity we are trying to go to.  I know you all can relate.

Hopefully I will be able to motivate us all to get out of the house and do something fun this summer.  I know being inside the house is going to do nothing for my sanity.

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