Monday, June 6, 2016

Freedom in my Bed

Even being a 3rd time mom, the idea of transitioning to a crib was daunting.  My little girl has co slept with me since birth and not very well.  Every night she would wake up on average 3 times a night and only over the course of 7 months had only slept through the night 2 whole times.  Let that sink in...I haven't had a really good nights rest since before I got pregnant.  I was worried about the crying and sleeplessness that would surely ensue.  Then my little girl made the decision for me by rolling across the entire length of our bed and just catching her before one final roll to a long fall to the floor.  I decided then that there was no way she could be in my bed anymore.  So I prepared myself for a rough night.  A nursed and a drowsy/sleepy 7 month old and I put her in the crib.  Screaming...I had made my bed for the night in her room anticipating at least one nursing session during the night.  After crying off and on for about 25 minutes, she fell asleep.  Shocked and surprised I slept and woke up around 2:30 am where a 2 second cry woke me up.  My girl went right back to sleep and slept till 7:45 am.  I didn't sleep as well it was a bit unsettling for me.  There was a good block of 3 hours that I couldn't sleep.

She repeated her sleeping through the night last night and I slept in my bed, my myself, for the first time in 7 months.  It was amazing!!!  I realized I had been holding her back.  She was constantly being thwarted from a good night sleep by me.  I guess a lot of factors were really at play: she was ready for her own space and didn't really need all those late night nursings.  I am so proud of my little girl and a teeny bit sad.  Since this is our last baby this will be the last time I will have a co sleeping baby in my bed.

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