Thursday, June 2, 2016


If you have been following this blog, I am sure you recall my concern for my 3 year old that had speech delay.  Fast forward to now and my boy is talking up a storm.  He still needs some work on pronunciation but he is talking and we are so relieved and happy.  So is my boy he was getting so frustrated that we didn't understand him and now he is a happier little guy.  I am actually feeling really good about his entry into preschool this fall.  But as every child goes through at some point my boy has reached the dreaded Why? stage.  Whenever he is asked to do something: Potty, Clean Up, Get Ready to go the answer is always the same Why??  And I always tempted to answer the same way my mom always did "Because I Said So"  I am so thankful we are to this speaking stage though. I am so proud of my little boy for how far he has come.

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