Thursday, June 23, 2016

Poop Calamity

You know those days where one bad thing happens after another?  I just had one of those upsetting,  unfortunate, and defeating days.  We went out for my oldest's karate class and we were happy to be out of the house after being inside most of the day.  We pull up to karate and I send my boy in right on time for his class.  I then get my remaining 2 kids ready to go in.  My 3 year old says his little sister has a stinky diaper.  Awesome.  So I take her out quickly making a beeline for the bathroom.  I quickly look her over for any leaking from the diaper and there is a small stain on the back of her outfit- no big deal.  I get to the bathroom and start to change her and realize that in our trip toward the bathroom the stain has somehow spread on her outfit.  I quickly start to change her diaper and clothing with the 3 wipes I have in my bag.  Then I search for a new outfit then it hits me I might not have another outfit.  I changed bags and can't remember if I put a new outfit in my new bag.   No new outfit and there is no way she can wear her heavily stained outfit again.  The only thing to cover her is my nursing cover so I wrap her up and we quickly head out to the car hoping for a solution that resembles clothes.  After a quick frantic search no outfit is in the car..I do find a cardigan and a baby swimsuit. I decide to use the cardigan and button it down and roll the sleeves up.  Crisis averted.  Karate class ends and it is time to go.  We head for the car and I am looking forward to getting home. Then I realize when I am about to put my girl in her car seat...poop everywhere.  No more wipes are left in my bag.  I had to somehow move the car cover without taking the seat apart to put my girl in to get us home.  Crying ensues for the 10 minutes in the parking lot trying frantically to get the cover off the seat where another cover is underneath.  Horrible.  I wound up just rolling the cover into itself and strapping her into her seat.  Fortunately we only live about 5 minutes from the karate class so I get home and have to calm down my now hysterical girl.  Thank God it is over.

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