Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Land Before Time Party

My boy who is turning 4 requested a Land Before Time Party.  Now for those of you who aren't aware Land Before Time hasn't been a popular movie in a long time.  This fact alone makes the party super challenging.  What resulted is a mixture of lots of Dinosaur items along with a score of 2 Land Before time party packs that I scored on eBay and spent far too much on.

I also was lucky enough to find some Jurrassic World party hats and noise makers on clearance.  At the dollar store I was able to find some dinosaurs large and small for the party. The smaller ones I decided to use in our Dino Dig

I found a Dino themed pool at Walmart for $10 and no I did not blow it up.  Not to say I didn't try.  My husband hooked it up to our car pump and a few minutes later it was ready.  Then I purchased a bag of play sand for $2.50.  We used some beach shovels and tools for the digging.  All together the activity cost about $20 and kids had a great time.

At the entrance of the door I cut out some Dino footprints

For the goody bags I used plain white bags and with a free hand drawling and green card stock I cut out dinosaurs and glued them on the loot bags.

Overall, it was a pretty easy party to piece together and my boy was very happy with the result.

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