Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mini Legoland Getaway

My husband has been really busy with work so we aren't able to take a vacation right now.  Fortunately, we live in Orlando where there are so many fun touristy things to do.  We currently have Legoland annual passes so we would thought we would brave the Florida heat and have so fun.  It was an overcast day when we got to Legoland with some lightening in the area which meant they couldn't run some of the rides.  We had really bad luck and would get in line for a ride and right before it was our turn they would close the ride.  In the afternoon the showers and lightening disappeared and so did a lot of the crowd so we were able to do a lot of rides in a short period of time.
Anticipating the possibility of rain we decided to stay overnight at the Legoland hotel.  At the hotel it was all about the kids.  There were so many cool activities and fun details.  When you book a room, you choice which kind of themed room you want... Pirates, Adventurers, Lego Friends, and Kingdom.
We chose Pirates and the room was great with a kids themed area with a bunk bed and an adult themed area.  There was a treasure chest that we had to figure out the combination to and when we did there were all manner of Lego surprises inside.  The elevator in the hotel was essentially a dance elevator with a disco ball.  Everything my boys when inside they would bust a move.  At the hotel, they had lots of kid activities.  My 7 year old did the Master Builder's Class which you can sign up for at a Kiosk in the lobby.  At 8 pm there was a Pajama Dance Party which my kids had so much fun at.  There were also in the daytime so Lego characters to see and take pictures with. For dinner we are at the Bricks restaurant which is a buffet with lots of different options.  It was $19.99 for adult, 7 and up tween $10.99, and 3-6 $5.99.  The breakfast is complimentary and had everything you can possibly imagine for breakfast.  We had such a great getaway at Legoland Hotel and I know you will enjoy it too.
***This review post is not affiliated with Legoland or Legoland Hotel.  The opinions shared in this post are completely my own.

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