Friday, November 28, 2014

Plush Bible Review

What could you possibly do to improve the best book ever written?  The book itself is sound and full of wonderful stories about God's love to use in our everyday life.  If you haven't guessed already I am talking about the Bible.  Zondervan has made Bibles fun for young girls.  The Plush Bible is exactly as it sounds soft and plush-the one I got is in Pink Sparkle, Love it.  It is a color not unlike hot pink with glitter like sparkles. Inside the presented to page continues the hot pink theme with the verse, "Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way.  It is like a light guides me."

If you are looking for a stylish Bible for a little girl this is a great option. They have other covers as well.   It is in New International Reader's Version in Standard Print.  Only $18.06 at Amazon

****This Bible was provided free to me from Book Look Bloggers and Zondervan but the opinions are completely my own.

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