Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cheese Party

One thing is certain for both of my boys...they love cheese.  Since they both love cheese I decided to do a boy twist on a Tea Party.  We had a cheese party!!!  I picked up some of my boys' favorites Babybell, Parmesan, Sweet Cheddar, and String Cheese.  We paired our cheese with crackers and tried all the cheeses.  Of course no cheese party would be complete without some apple juice at least in our house.  My oldest and I decided to go with the theme and acted cheesy and did a lot of photos with of course what else...Cheese.  It was a really fun idea that both of my boys enjoyed.  I even was asked last night when we could have another Cheese Party!!!


  1. What a fun and cute idea for a kid party! I love it! Might be fun to do a mac and cheese bar too, they can choose what cheese goes in it. Not as easy as a pizza topping party, but still fun!