Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Freezer Meals Preparation

I have been in that special mode of preparation in my pregnancy.  Knowing I am going to exhausted with a new baby and 2 boys at home I went on a freezer meals rampage.  I have a very picky crew of boys at home and my husband has dietary restrictions so it makes the preparation a serious challenge.  Many of the things I mainly tried to think of the kids and I for meals.  My mom is also going to be at my house to help me out so I know she will enjoy the meals I have prepared with me.  I am not a measurer unless I am doing a recipe.

Stuffed Shells
I actually used a recipe on the box for this one the recipe called for marscapone cheese as well as ricotta looking forward to enjoying these.
Just used small loaf pans to store and freeze.

Vegetable Lasagna (this one is mainly for me)
I used eggplant squash, and mushrooms as my filling
Mini loaf pans made this a great easily portioned meal.

Chicken and Yellow Rice (Gluten Free)
I always try to find one without msg or colorings
-Chicken breast chopped and sautéed
-Peas and carrots (sliced)
-Make yellow rice with package directions and I add a cup of additional water with the cooked chicken and veggies.
I used little loaf pans and portioned it out into servings.  Then press and seal with aluminum foil.

Chicken Pesto Calzones

Chicken Noodle Soup
-Sauteed chicken
-Egg noodles
-Carrots sliced
-Chicken broth
Cook all together.
I then took large freezer zip locks and separated them into servings and put them in the freezer.

Many recipes and ideas I found online with a freezer meals search.

I always with a sharpie label the food and cooking directions along with a date that I prepared it.  Things tend to get lost in the abyss of a freezer.

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