Friday, October 9, 2015

List of Must Haves for Your New Baby

Having 2 children and fastly approaching a 3rd I have discovered some items that you absolutely are going to need for your little one and what items you aren't even going to use

-Changing Table
-Basinet (I always have had one but sadly did not use it)  I normally wind up co sleeping but I know for many this is a necessity

-Towels and washcloths
-Safe baby wash

Daily Needs
-Bouncer this is a life saver when you need to put your little one down.
-Highchair but you won't need this till about 4 months
-Pack and Play we had one and never use it but if you have other children or animals it is a great safe place to put your little one down.  
-Swing for my colicky baby this item was also a life safer

-Great natural bottles if you formula feed.  I saw a great machine at the store the other day that is a dispenser with warm water and formula which if I had to formula feed I would totally invest in.
-If you are nursing a breast pump I have had a Medula pump in the past but for my last child and this one I have an Ameda pump.  It is great especially using it this second time because I was able to easily replace all the tubing and use it again.
-Storage Bags for breast milk Label the date pumped and how much.
-A boppy pillow mine is used constantly it just makes feeding easier.

***Remember You never know what your child is going to be comfortable with so be prepared for either feeding method.  Best laid plans sometimes despite how hard you try don't alway work out the way you want it to.

This is not in anyway a complete list of your needs for your baby but an overview of some key items that I have found I needed for my babies.  

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