Friday, November 6, 2015

Week 1 Down

I strangely feel like I survived some kind of war.  My baby girl was delivered on October 23rd at 5:42 am and it was my longest labor to date.  They decided to induce me with Cerphadil twice to get labor going.  After an exhausting round initially with little progress I was feeling pretty defeated.  The second go was much more aggressive and not friendly at all.  But fortunately I did not have to go the full 12 hours on the second round because 6 hours in I was in full labor.  At 5 cm I got my epidural which I can't say I was totally ready for but I knew I needed to get it.  We had the main epidural guy administer it by request of us because with my last pregnancy I had a student administer and it went horribly wrong.  I had a huge crash with my 2nd pregnancy and things were a little touch and go.  After the epidural was taken care of 30 minutes later it was time to push.  But surprise, surprise as many of my fellow moms have experienced the doctor was nowhere in the vicinity.  So my baby girl was still in her water sac awaiting her delivery and I was constantly informed not to push.  When the doctor finally arrived and popped my water it exploded it on her which was actually really funny.  Then one contraction and push and out she came.  Everything was great and due to having gestational diabetes they had to test her sugar for 12 hours.  Unfortunately this turned into a 5 day stay in NICU to get her sugar levels evened out.  Sugar test prick upon sugar test prick my poor little girl had to endure.  Meanwhile, my boys were at home with Grandma and not dealing well with my husband and I not being around.  Finally we were able to get everything under control with our baby girl and return home to our boys having a hard time with adjusting to a new baby in the house.

I am very lucky my baby girl is a really excellent baby and sleeps really well especially when compared to my crazy sleepless boys.  She is pretty content as long as she is fed and needs are taken care of.  Many of her crying fits are brought on by changing of clothes or diapers.  So happy to be home and have her as part of our family.  My oldest is excited she is here but is really understanding what it really means to have a baby sister.  My 3 year old is not excited at all and even commented with horror at breastfeeding that the baby was eating mommy and to put her back.  Hopefully with time and getting on a schedule of some kind it will make things more manageable.

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