Friday, May 30, 2014

A New Chapter

Time has gone faster than I ever could have anticipated and my little one (oldest) is graduating from preschool.  To me this is a major milestone.  For the years prior to school my little one stayed at home with me and due to his birthday he got an extra year at home (which was fine with me).  At the beginning of preschool I was worried about how he would do.  The four short hours a day seemed like an eternity.  I also was concerned how he would do away from me, he has always been a mama's boy.  Better yet if he would behave and learn while at school.

Kids are resilient and adapt more easily than I could have ever imagined.  The first day of preschool he said, "When are you going to leave?"  All the worrying and he was fine.  I was the one who didn't fare so well that day as I left in tears.  Now I am not going to paint a picture that he was an angel the entire year.  There were a few red and yellow "apples," which was devastating to my little one.   Now just as we have gotten into a routine- summer is here and we will be able to have some adventures.

Now some of you might say it is just preschool, buck up buttercup, but I am proud of me.  Proud of the things I have instilled in him, proud of the foundation he has, and proud of me for being a mom that several years ago I couldn't even fathom being.  The chance to see your child grow up and amazing you almost daily is great.  I am also obviously proud of him for learning, growing, and loving school.  I hope he will always love school and always want to learn.

Now we are preparing for Kindergarten,  I can't promise I won't be emotional on the first day, but I can promise I am more confident in my boy to handle the school year.  But we won't think about that now-we have a long and fun 3 months ahead of us.

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