Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kids Fringe Orlando

I am going to start out by saying that it was hot out today and by hot I mean too hot to be outside for a fringe festival.  But after the slather of sunscreen and a promise to myself to only stay a little while, we were ready to go.  I was surprised how much free parking there was, I really expected having problems parking.
                                          One of the many crafts available

The event was not huge but there was actually a lot of things to do.  There were tons of craft tables- painting, drawing, and projects.  There was even a pottery table with a wheel that the kids could help make a little bowl to take with them.  My oldest had lots of fun and my youngest was miserable.  A mixture of the heat and wanting to be set free.  There were lots of children's entertainment including a butterfly/fairy who was giving out cork bracelets and some spontaneous singing.  There was also a bounce house and lots of dress up areas.  Everything was free except for the food of course.
                                          Craft Area
                                         Stage Area
                                         Arts & Crafts

It is a great, entertaining, and fun free festival that is engaging for your little ones.  I will keep my fingers crossed for better weather next year.

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