Tuesday, May 20, 2014

That Night Book Review

Before kids I was always an avid reader and it had become a bit of an addiction.  When I read it is a situation where I can't stop.  A book started must be completed.  Ever since I have had kids I definitely don't read as much as I used to.  Don't get me wrong, I have tried but then I feel guilty because I get so immersed in my reading that I feel like I am neglecting them. Just recently I was asked through Chatterbox through House Party to review a book in a 3 week time frame.  I promised myself to only read after the kids were asleep and surprisingly stuck to it.  I did lose some free time and sleep but over 3 evenings I accomplished reading a book.  To tell you the truth I felt a little more like the girl I once was.  Now I don't know if this will turn into a regular occurance but at least I know I can.

That Night was written by Chevy Stevens, a New York Times Best Selling Author,
and is considered a murder mystery.  It is a story about Toni who is navigating life as an 18 year old who falls in love with a guy named Ryan.  Toni is a rebellious teenager who resents her mother for her discipline and often times defies her at every opportunity.  In other words every mother's nightmare.  Toni has a temper and is being bullied by some popular girls in school.  Her sister Nicole starts hanging out with the popular girls at school.  During this time, Toni is still bullied and made fun of, with her sister present.  On a night out with her boyfriend Ryan, which her sister begged to come along, her sister is found dead.  Toni and Ryan find her and are then charged with the crime.  They both insist their innocence and the book explores their journey throughout the process of serving their time and who is really at fault for Nicole's murder.  

It was an entertaining book filled with a well thought out story.  The only thing that was a little disorienting was the way the book was set up.  Every chapter was a new time period skipping back and forth between the present and past.  It was a bit of a distraction and it took a moment each chapter to adjust to the new scene .  Overall, this is an entertaining read filled with interesting plot twists and engaging subject matter.

Even though I received this book from Chatterbox for free, I received no additional compensation and this review is entirely my own.

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