Saturday, June 21, 2014

Alone on the Town

Occasionally I get the chance to go out my own-without the kids in tow.  Normally it is for dental or doctors appointments and for the rare Mom's Night Out.  Everytime I do go out I notice some awkward moments, things that are constant in my subconscious.

1). In the car - First of all, compared to the norm it is eerily quiet.  It is a nice break to have the quiet but it feels odd.  Also, before leaving the car, I go towards the car seats.  Yes, I am that lady that opens the back door then awkwardly closes the door.

2) In crowds- I have always been overly polite, saying thank you far too many times.  When squeezing through crowds I say, excuse us, with the kids there-totally normal.  Not so normal, when I say excuse us, when there is only me.  Once again, a little awkward, now I am the lady with the imaginary friend.

3) Going to the bathroom-  Announcing to your group that you need to potty, as if everyone announces their need to go to use the bathroom this way- a little odd

4) Other kids- Sometimes when I am out, I see kids unattended or doing something dangerous, I am on high alert.  Which in my mommy mind seems totally normal but to everyone else I am the lady who stares at children.
Life will never be the same again, I don't think I will ever be able to go out on my own without looking a little odd or awkward.  It's okay these are all things that make me a mom and I can be okay with it.


  1. I love the odd time I get to go out by myself. Although I find myself feeling awkward without him following me or holding my hand when I leave. Its nice and refreshing every once and a while

  2. I agree. Everybody needs time to themselves. Thanks Jaimee.