Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daddy Day Gift Ideas

I don't know about you but my husband is SO hard to shop for.  If there is anything he wants he buys it.  I try to every year come up with some great unique gift, sometimes I hit it out of the park and the other ones we just won't talk about.  I tried to find things on this list that are unique and fun for your guy.  Hope this list gives you some good ideas.

"Perfect" Father's Day Gift Ideas:

For the griller

These are a different gift than normal for the griller infuse food with smokiness and a hint of red wine $10.46

Personalized Grilling Utensil Set $44.95

For the gamer

Thought this one was pretty funny- A zombie survival kit $99.99

This is a gamer retro survival kit $99.99

For the tech guy

I thought this was really neat it is a printer for your phone to print out photos directly from the phone.  As with most tech gadgets this one has a pricey tag at $164.59

If your guy likes to take photos with his iPhone this is an attachable lens $69.99

For the golfer

Golf Bag for golf shoes you can get it personalized $34.37

Portable Golf Set $79.99

For the comic guru guy

Definitely for a star wars fan $8.68

Personalized Comic $60.34

For the alcohol connoisseur

This is a kitchy flask for $24

Beer Making Kit $39.99

For the handyman

These are a pretty inexpensive fun gift, these are pens and are only $5/piece

For a handyman who loves cookies some tool cookies for $45.00

****This is in no way sponsored by any of the products listed in this post


  1. Cute ideas!!! :) My favorite is the cookies.. They are adorable! :) Nice to meet you.

  2. I really liked the cookies too Becca.