Sunday, June 8, 2014

Post Mommy Body

Coming to terms with the post mommy body is a challenge.  In my pre kids life I worked in an industry were looks were important, in fact they were everything.  I did frequent acting and modeling so there were certain standards with my body that I had to maintain.   I have always been the stick figure girl in school and it was always easy to maintain my weight in my teens and twenties.  I got pregnant with my first child when I was 29 and my body surprisingly bounced right back (Yes, I was one of those girls).  My second pregnancy, I was 34, and it has taken awhile to get to the point where it is now (21 months).  For the longest time I would go to family gatherings and was asked if I was pregnant again.  Then I got the dreaded mommy muff- devastating to me at least.  I have met several women who have had lipo to get rid of the mommy muff.  Due to my fear of needles, blood and being cut anywhere for a surgery on my body I don't think that is an option.  But if you have the money, don't have fear of this, and are done having kids then why not?

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned my closest for charity, and I put all of my small sizes in the pile.  Through a little emotional realization,  I realized-I am NEVER going to be a size small again.  No matter how many diets or exercises I do.  My curves have changed, I have now what they call child bearing hips and my breasts have gained size as well.  As I came to terms with not being a small anymore, I realized for some weird reason- I'm a grown up and not like the young girl who once wore those clothes.  The girl who wore those clothes barely experienced life and the woman now, in my larger size clothes, wouldn't trade even one of the reasons that got me to this point.  So I am learning to embrace my curves (it will be a long road) and one day I can accept the mommy muff (once again in time, all things are possible).

Share your thoughts about your post mommy body.  If you like this blog please share with your mommy friends.

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