Friday, January 8, 2016

Encouraging Your Little One to Read

I have always loved to read there is nothing like being transported completely into a story and feeling totally immersed in the words of a book.  I want my kids to love reading as much as I do or at least close to.  My oldest has been "reading" since preschool but Kindergarten is really where it got more pronounced.  The Kindergarten circulum really pushed reading with a book to read a day.  Now we are in 1st grade and his reading level has definitely improved but when it is time to read I get some resistance.  It is definitely not something he has a lot of issues doing but encouraging him to actually do it is like torture.  I have been doing some research as to popular books that would be more interesting for him and challenge him to read on a higher level.  If I give him the option to pick out a book he wants to pick out the easiest.  Smart kid easy read quickly done.

We recently started the Magic Tree House Books series.  They are chapter books that aren't too difficult of a read.  They are all based on a brother and sister that go on an adventure with the aid of a magic tree house that transforms them into the book  .He has really been enjoying the series. Anything with time travel is a win-win.
We got a few of these from the library and they were perfect for his first grade reading level.  He thought they were okay books.

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