Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Star Wars

With all the excitement of Star Wars lately and my husband being such a big fan we decided to show our oldest (who is 7) Star Wars IV, V, and VI.  We have been watching it in pieces he is not totally immersed but interested in watching.  The funny thing is our 3 year old is way more into it than our oldest.  We are halfway through V and it is concerning for me.  My boy is pretty sensitive to "scary" scenes so I worried to how he is going to react.  Our main goal was to get him up to date so he could go to the theater with dad to watch the new movie.  I really can't see him being interested to watch the whole movie since he has only been able to handle 45 minutes at a time and then he gets distracted.  I wanted to share some of my 7 year old's reactions to the movies:

A New Hope: Yay they got Darth Vader!  ( I think he thought that was the end of Vader)
The Empire Strikes Back: At the big reveal What!!!  No he's not...Why does he want to hurt his own child?
He was a little rattled by Luke's hand but calmed down once he realized he was getting it back.

He is actually getting into Star Wars and is looking forward to watching Return of the Jedi.  We are not even interested in showing him I, II, and III.

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