Thursday, February 25, 2016

4 Months

Another month has passed and I can barely believe it.  My 4 month old loves flipping onto her tummy until she tries to move and gets frustrated.  She has been waking up and flipping over and then getting upset in the middle of the night which makes the evenings challenging to say the least.  She has been smiling a lot and at other people.  She has been squealing a lot!!!!  She can hold her head up pretty steady.  She really wants to be able to be a part and see everything so she has been doing a lot of lap sitting.  I love the interactions between her and her big brothers.  She loves hearing them talk and she responds with lots of smiles.  When I put her on the activity mat she doesn't stay there long.  She rocks and moves herself on the other side of the room.  Who needs to crawl?  Apparently not my girl.

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