Sunday, February 21, 2016

Big Boy Pants

It has finally happened my 3 year old is finally wearing underwear and so far it is going well.  He has been hovering around being fully potty trained for quite some time.  Oddly enough poo was never an issue but peeing has been the challenge. I think a lot of it was being distracted with playing and not taking the time to stop.  I think wearing the underwear was what has finally made it come together.  Boys are so hard to potty train.  My oldest has taken the longest thus far.  He wasn't fully potty trained till he was 4.  I guess I don't have any room to talk.  I was very stubborn and didn't potty train till I was 4 years old either.  As my mom would say I am getting my payback.  One thing I have learned is no matter how much you want them to be potty trained it doesn't matter.  Your kiddo is not going to be potty trained until they are ready. Like most things it is on your child's schedule. 

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