Saturday, May 21, 2016

Neilmed Review

My husband for as long as I have known him has had horrible allergies.  He used to be strictly a mouth breather it was always far too uncomfortable to breathe out his nose.  Medicines weren't long lasting and have other damaging side effects with long term use.

Several years ago, my husband came across Neilmed's NetiPot and was desperate for something that would help.
The NetiPot is a great beginners nasal product.  It is safe, easy to use, and effective.  The pot allows the product to come out in a steady even stream.  After seeing the results, he faithfully used the product.  Then he noticed that they had the Neilmed Sinus Rinse.
 The Sinus Rinse is a bottle with a squeegee type design.  Now my husband prefers to use the sinus rinse kit because it provides him with a lot of control.  By squeezing he can control the flow of water that exits the bottle.  Since using Neilmed's products he has seen a major improvement in his sinuses and when he does feel allergen pressure in his nose he is able to do a rinse and effectively clean his sinuses out.  I notice the changes it has made in his sinuses as well.

Neilmed has also come out with a children's product that is safe for babies and children.  When my 2nd child was 4 months old he caught a nasty cold from his older brother.  It stuffed up his sinuses horribly and despite using an aspirator to get the snot out it just wasn't doing the job.  So I went to the doctor with him and the doctor was concerned with the way he was breathing and since he was so small she called an ambulance.  After some time at the hospital it was found that he was just severely stuffed up.  If I had one of these at home this would have completely taken care of the nasal passages that were stuffed up.  You live and learn.

Neilmed in partnership with Mom's Connect has provided 3 Neilmed Children's Naspira for a giveaway for some of you to try for yourself.

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***This post is Sponsored by Neilmed and Mom's Connect.  The products in the review and giveaway are provided by Neilmed and Mom's Connect.  Winner has one week to claim prize.  Winner must be in US with US address

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