Thursday, May 12, 2016

Scariest Experience of My Life

Now that my baby girl is 6 months old, I finally feel comfortable sharing this with you.  For quite some time I couldn't talk about this.I had this title written in my blog post list but kept avoiding this post.    But through this experience I learned an important lesson that no one had ever told me before and I want to share with everyone to educate you.

When my baby girl was born we had gone through a round and a half of Cervadil and when my baby girl was born she slid right out.  After the normal checks and excitement my little girl was declared as healthy.  So we let out our collective sighs of relief and enjoyed our baby girl.  She was ferociously hungry and latched on easily.  We prepared to move from the labor room to our post hospital room.  After moving to our permanent room, my little newborn started searching to nurse again.  When nursing I follow the on demand schedule which can be exhausting but meets my kiddos needs.  After having 2 children previously I felt super confident about my nursing skills.  While nursing I glanced down at my baby girl and she was turning blue.  I quickly picked her up and tried to get her breathing.  While we had pushed the call button and I was screaming for help.  A group of 3 nurses entered the room and they took my newborn and passed her down the row and the nurse slapped on the back and got her breathing again.  It was terrifying and I couldn't fully react until my newborn had been taken down to the NICU for tests and observation.  After all the tests, they determined that while she was in newborn transition stage she forgot how to breathe.  This was the first time I had even heard of a newborn forgetting how to breathe when eating but after doing some research we found out that it is very common.  So what I learned from this experience besides being paranoid that my baby girl is breathing is to really pay attention to your baby in the first day following birth when feeding.  A lot of times we are exhausted after labor and having a hard time keeping our eyes open but try to be aware of your little one.  If you do notice any changes get help every second counts.

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