Sunday, July 24, 2016

Engaged Kids

 I don't know about you but at our house we are struggling with having meaningful family time together and keeping my kids engaged.  My oldest would prefer to either play games or when he does play he is sometimes in his own little world.  My 3 year is always ready to play and is desperate for his older brother to have playtime with him.  Although I am no expert and I am still figuring things out I wanted to share some of my ideas.

1. Board Games- We have just really discovered the fun of board games recently since my 3 year old has been requesting to play.  When we used to play games he didn't follow the rules but now he can play games the right way.  When we play I notice my kids are fully involved and lots of fun interaction is had by everyone.

2. Cooking Together-  I really like to get the kids involved with meal prep when I can this especially helps my overly picky kids to be invested in the meal.

3. Arts and Crafts-  It doesn't have to be anything major just something fun

4. Science Project- My oldest boy is really interested in science.  Especially projects that have an effect ex. Volcano.  This really helps us to come together and not only dare I say learn but have fun as well.

5. Get out of the house- Go for a walk.  A change of scenery does wonders for my boys and their attention span.

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