Saturday, July 26, 2014

Non Verbal Grunter

My youngest has always taken time when accomplishing things.  He took a little longer to crawl and walk.  Being the 2nd born I had an older boy to compare his progress to and in the process drove myself a little crazy with worry.  I would take out the baby book for my oldest and look at the dates and wonder why my youngest wasn't doing this or that.  It took a little longer for him to accomplish some milestones but when he started he did it like he had been doing it forever.  I think the books and info on the internet can be helpful but for a worrier, paranoid mommy like me it can be both a blessing and a curse.

Then it came time for talking.  He has always been a grunter and pointer to get his point across.  He also was not a repeater.  A lot of kids just repeat what mom and dad says.  My stubborn one would never and has never done talking when requested or on command.  Then I would occasionally get a word here and there never consistently.  So I started to worry, there were days where he rarely said anything.  I have tried the don't give them what they want until they say it and this occasionally is effective but hysterical crying ensues and traumatic feelings for a good hour following.  In all of the books and charts it says that my little almost 2 year old should be speaking at least in 2 word phrases and even sentences for some.  Some days he will surprise me with a word he hasn't said before but then I don't hear it for awhile.  As a mom it totally freaks me out-is there something wrong?  He understands and does everything I say so it isn't a hearing issue.   It has gotten better everyday so he is progressing but my impatience makes me feel like there is a problem.

I know it will all come in time but as moms I think we drive ourselves crazy with whether or not our little ones are meeting all the milestones for their age.  I have just had to remind myself that all children are different and learn in different ways and to not compare his progress to someone else.  This is hard to remember.  Have you experienced delays in speech with your little one and how did you deal with it?

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