Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thomas the Train Invitation

I like to do a lot of projects myself for my kid's birthday parties.  I am a planner and I love parties.  For my youngest's upcoming Thomas the Train Birthday Party and with some inspiration on the internet, I made a Thomas Birthday Invitation.

Items Needed

Blue Cardstock
Red Cardstock
Yellow Cardstock
Gray Cardstock
Black Cardstock
Cream card stock

I used a template for my Thomas design which made this an easier project than others I have done in the past.  The printable template and directions I found at
These are all the cut out pieces you need to make one invitation plus your cream card stock backing.

I then cut out each piece of the template and traced them on their corresponding colors.  Then the long and time consuming cutting began. It took a really long time to do all the cutting there are tons of pieces.

Then I began to put everything together. I used a card as the backing for it.
The card is 4x7 in cream card stock

Next I glued the black top piece to the blue piece

Then I glue both to my cream card stock

Then I glued my funnel in the middle of the blue piece

Then I added the yellow circles

Then the black circles over the yellow

Then I added the gray bumper piece

Followed below that the red buffers

Then I added 2 black circles to the red buffer

Then I took the gray circle for the face

and with my sharpie drew on the face for Thomas

I then glued that just below the headlights 

Then using a ruler I used the sharpie and drew in the lines evenly spaced apart

This is the final product on the front

This is the back of the invite in the cloud I put all the info for the party and I am adding a photo of the  birthday boy below that in a conductor outfit.

Enjoy making your homemade invite for your little ones Thomas the Train Party.  I will be adding more projects leading up to my youngest's birthday.