Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I love a good vacation- the time away, fun activities, relaxation.  Vacations before having children consisted of lots of relaxation time, sleeping in, and activities. This all sounds amazing. This is another instance of fun amnesia (* when you forget about the last time you did something and how exhausting, frustrating, upsetting, challenging it was the last time you did it and swearing you will never do it again)  Vacations are a little different for me now.  I normally need a vacation after returning from vacation.  Late nights and a little one who is ready to go bright and early regardless of all long he has slept, makes for a cranky baby (and a cranky mama). Most of my vacation is spent trying to keep my boys entertained and letting my husband rest in the hotel after working at night. It is nice to get away and do something different - just glad it is only for a week at a time :)

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