Friday, July 11, 2014

Running Myself Ragged

My main goal this summer, beyond no school and some relaxation, was to keep my 5 year old from getting bored.  I am an on the go type of person, I like to stay busy and make sure my kids have lots of fun.  In anticipation for summer, I signed up my oldest for swimming lessons, karate camp, and 2 separate vacation bible schools.  It is only July and I am starting to get a little burnt out.  This week is a VBS week and swim lesson week.  My boy is having a great time at VBS which is fabulous but I have, this week especially, been doing a lot of running around.  Not to mention we had a very stressful moment with our van and some flat tires. Swim lessons have been rained out 2 times as well so I am driving to the lesson and turning around and driving back.  Gotta love the Florida storms.   I need a break!!!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a camp for mommies?  I know there are boot camps and such...but I am thinking a fun and relaxing camp-where you could take your kids there and they are having fun and taken care of and you get your "camp" time?  I am thinking a spa, some girl time, and maybe some fun activities for the more adventurous.  A girl can dream can't I?!!!!

I am going to have a low activity week next week to recover.  How do you keep your kids busy at home without too much tv or electronics?  Suggestions appreciated!!!

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