Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Son's Horrifying/Funny Lunch Mixup

Everyday before school since the 1st day I make it a point to let my son know whether he is buying or bringing his lunch.  He can be a little scatterbrained without direction so I try to make it as simple as possible.  This past week I made my son a lunch for school, I made some Kidfresh chicken nuggets, tomatoes, and an apple juice.  One of my main questions after picking him up from school is did you eat your lunch?  He said yes and that was the end of it.  The next day, I let him know he would be buying his lunch that day.  When he walked into the car after school he was carrying a lunch box.  In passing I said oh you left your lunch box at school?  Drove home and brought the lunch box inside.  I picked up the lunch box and it felt heavy which surprised me.  I opened it up to find his lunch from 2 days before in there-Minus the drink.  I questioned him about it and after some confusing explanations where I thought one of the days he didn't eat lunch at all,  I finally got the full story.  He purchased lunch the day before because he forgot his lunch in the car.  The 2nd day he thought the lunch in the car was his lunch so he took it in for lunch.  At lunchtime he tried to eat the lunch that was 2 days old...ewww!!!!  He told me he had some tomatoes and the juice but the chicken smelled like farts so he didn't eat it.  Thank God.  I clearly was not paying attention to his lunch for these 2 days. So now the line of questioning in the afternoon is tell me everything you ate for lunch.  I also make sure we take in the lunch bag everyday he brings it in.  Lesson learned by mom and son.

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