Thursday, October 9, 2014

Frankenstein Feet

Items you will need for this Halloween project:
Green washable Tempera Paint
Black washable Tempera Paint
(1) white card stock for each child
Wet wipes or baby wipes

1)  I used a paintbrush and painted the lower half of the foot green and the toes black

2)  Then I had my boy place his foot on the paper and I held it down to make sure it made the best print.  I had to use my paintbrush to fill in some areas.  This part was very ticklish so beware laughter may ensue.  

3)  Then I left the paper to dry.

4)  When it is dry using your paintbrush and black paint make 2 circles on either side of the top for the ears, eyes, mouth, and scar.

5)  Then cut it out.  Don't worry about mistakes you can just cut the imperfections around it.

Here is my 6 and 2 year olds feet

Hope you enjoy making this fun and easy craft with your little ones for Halloween.

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