Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I am sure you have heard the statement- Live your life without regrets.  As I look back on my life I do have regrets...bad boyfriend choices, not being fearless enough, words unspoken or spoken and would like to take it back. My life is a mishmesh of mistakes and event triumphs that as a young girl I never dreamed was possible.  Which brings me to another statement- if only I knew what I know now ...

As I mentioned my life's road has never been a smooth one; there has been many twists and turns as well as some speedbumps but honestly and without hesitation I would live my life the same way as long as I could end up where I am now -In a loving family with 2 amazing boys and a wonderful man in my life.  I'm not sure that any other deviation would get me where I am today.  So even with the struggles and there have been many, I try to look at my life as is and be thankful in the current and not dwell in the should of, could of, would of.

Hope you can live a full life and not be held down with regret.  

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